Advertising Your Small Business Online

All small business owners need to pay close attention to online marketing. Here are some important online marketing tips for to make your small business stand out in the digital space. Have A Professional Looking Website All the content on your website should be well written and include graphics that will attract customers. If you aren’t able to do this … Read More

Combatting Fraud Across the Digital Landscape

Nothing makes an online marketer cringe more than hearing the word ‘fraud’. It’s also a word that gets thrown around so flippantly it makes the term ‘fake news’ sound nuanced. So, what does ad fraud mean? Well the simple answer is nothing. By itself, ‘fraud’ or ‘getting frauded’ requires an explanation that warranted the use of its claim in the … Read More

Higher Education Marketing – Navigating Digital

With over 80% of prospective college students researching Colleges & Universities online, the days of career fairs & high school recruiters are becoming a distant memory. Now days, schools understand that they have to make a name for themselves in the digital space to capture an audience fueled by immediately available information and endless educational options thanks to the increasing … Read More