Declining Enrollments – Bucking the Trend

Until recently, a college education all but guaranteed a golden ticket to the middle class. While there are still those that extol the virtues of college, the stark reality is that colleges have experienced decreasing enrollments since 2013. Few outside higher education have noticed these trends, but the reality is that it has become harder colleges to recruit and retain … Read More

Promoting Your Online Programs. You Offer Them – Now What?

It wasn’t too long ago that online & distance learning was stigmatized. There was a certain illegitimacy attached to any degree that was not earned by a student in the traditional sense – on-campus, at a brick and mortar school, physically among their peer set, sitting through lectures and residing on or near campus. But where does this leave the … Read More

Higher Ed Marketing – Standing Out in a Crowd

The higher education world is more competitive today than it ever has been. If you want to attract the best & brightest, it’s important to put together an engaging, comprehensive marketing strategy. So how do you ensure your school will stand out in a sea of competition, especially in the Online space? Identify Your Target Audience. Your first step to … Read More