Leveraging the Power of Facebook

Since being opened to the public way back in 2006, Facebook has turned into a titan of the information age. According to BrandWatch, Facebook currently counts over 2.320 billion users, thus putting it head and shoulders above every other social networking site in terms of popularity. To put into context just how impressive that user base is, YouTube counts 1.5 … Read More

Measuring the Success of your Student Acquisition Campaigns

For higher education institutions, digital marketing is an integral tool that, if effectively utilized, can raise awareness of a college’s features and amenities, attract qualified applicants, and maintain (or improve) enrollment figures. To be sure, the vast majority of today’s higher education institutions are utilizing digital marketing, and other institutions yet are planning to do so in the near future. … Read More

PPC for Higher Ed Institutions – Pros vs Cons

In today’s highly competitive professional landscape, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions have more marketing tools — more ways to reach potential customers, members, and students — to choose from than they have at any other point in history. Consequently, the way these groups spread knowledge of their products and services is constantly evolving. To be sure, the way these groups … Read More

SEO Considerations for Higher Education Institutions in 2019

With 2018 drawing to a close, proactive business professionals, marketing experts, and everyday individuals are, in a multitude of ways, starting to anticipate what 2019 will bring. For the marketing experts, 2019 will be significant in that, like the prior two decades, evolving technology and digital access developments will mold the nature and style of effective marketing. To reach as … Read More

Email Marketing: A Perspective for Higher Education

The internet and digital communication impact virtually every facet of modern living. Groceries can be ordered from and delivered to the comfort of home; friends, family members, and even strangers can be contacted in seconds; and a seemingly endless collection of information and entertainment is available for all to learn from and enjoy. In short, little has been left untouched … Read More

For Meets Non – the Merging of the Profit Sectors

For-profit schools have traditionally been at the cutting edge of online and distance learning. They are often a popular option for adult students who needed convenience and flexibility in order to balance all the responsibilities in their lives. Yet lower birth rates and the rebounding economy have caused declining enrollment throughout all sectors of post-secondary education. For-profit enrollment has been … Read More

Declining Enrollments – Bucking the Trend

Until recently, a college education all but guaranteed a golden ticket to the middle class. While there are still those that extol the virtues of college, the stark reality is that colleges have experienced decreasing enrollments since 2013. Few outside higher education have noticed these trends, but the reality is that it has become harder colleges to recruit and retain … Read More

Promoting Your Online Programs. You Offer Them – Now What?

It wasn’t too long ago that online & distance learning was stigmatized. There was a certain illegitimacy attached to any degree that was not earned by a student in the traditional sense – on-campus, at a brick and mortar school, physically among their peer set, sitting through lectures and residing on or near campus. But where does this leave the … Read More

Higher Ed Marketing – Standing Out in a Crowd

The higher education world is more competitive today than it ever has been. If you want to attract the best & brightest, it’s important to put together an engaging, comprehensive marketing strategy. So how do you ensure your school will stand out in a sea of competition, especially in the Online space? Identify Your Target Audience. Your first step to … Read More

Paid Search: Optimizing Your Enrollment Marketing Efforts

As many digital advertising experts know, paid search strategies are integral to the digital marketing process. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that keyword strategies can determine how effective you’ll be at positioning your school in front of your ideal prospective student. In addition to impacting your school’s ability to connect with new students, keywords determine … Read More