In today’s world, company leaders who want to maintain a strong ecommerce presence need to know what types of online marketing trends have gained traction. By remaining up to date regarding digital trends, business owners can make informed decisions regarding what types of techniques to integrate into their existing online advertising plan. When you start thinking about trends that you should watch for in 2018, be sure to consider the perpetually evolving world of web design and development. Below you’ll find just a few of many web design and development trends that should gain primacy this year:

1. Hand-Drawn Fonts.

Customized, hand-drawn fonts have become increasingly prevalent in the online marketing world. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that they empower designers to cultivate an innovative aesthetic for the site without necessitating a complete overhaul. The hand-drawn fonts can contribute to the appeal or functionality of a site in numerous ways. For example, KIKK’s website uses this type of font as the visual anchor for its homepage.

2. Organic Shapes.

As many advertising experts know, one web design trend that is currently rocking the ecommerce world is the use of organic shapes. In the past, super strict grid layouts with sharp edges gave shape and substance to site design. However, 2018 will mark a transition into the world of soft, organic shapes and curved lines. In many cases, the use of organic shapes like half circles is accompanied by vivid colors. This combination can take the site’s visual appeal from average to exceptional. View Neobi’s website to see what this development strategy is all about.

3. Overlapping Text.

These days, many portfolios and blogs include text that is strategically placed right on top of eye-catching images. An example would be the work of freelance art director Thibault Pailloux. This intentionally disruptive stylistic choice can grant websites an innovative, fluid edge capable of catching and keeping the audience’s attention.

4. Mixing Vertical And Horizontal Texts.

Traditionally, website text incorporates a horizontal alignment. But in 2018, many designers will be placing text vertically so that the website’s pages attain a refreshingly original edge. Matt Porterfield’s “Take What You Can Carry” text is just one of many examples indicating how visually engaging and innovative this textual strategy really is.

5. Hyperminimalism.

Aesthetic excess is one of many web design and development strategies that digital professionals have utilized to make websites shine. However, it’s important to note that 2018 will find developers moving in the opposite direction. Specifically, many developers will adopt a hyperminimalist approach which involves displaying the bare minimum in terms of color, font, templates, and backgrounds. This “bare necessity” approach can create a visually innovative effect. One of many benefits of the hyperminimalist approach is that it can preclude the site’s pages from appearing cluttered or crowded. Mathieu Boulet’s website demonstrates how a super simple design can be incredibly savvy and sophisticated.

6. Professional Illustrators.

Although many web developers have graphic design skills, this doesn’t always mean that they know which images and creative strategies to utilize for the purpose of making the site an aesthetic masterpiece. But professional illustrators do. This is why it is not uncommon to see many web design and developers hiring professional illustrators to create the images, backgrounds, color schemes, and other visual components that give shape and substance to the websites they create.

7. Text-Only Schemes.

Another web design and development trend that will gain primacy this year is text-only schemes. These days, many designers are cutting out prominent navigation sections and images. Instead of using these textual elements, they are relying on several simple lines of straightforward text to grant visitors a clear description of their brand and product line.

8. Brutalism.

This web design and development trend surfaced in reaction to the primacy and prevalence of organized, tidy websites. In opposition to this design modality, brutalism incorporates more electric, non-traditional structures. Rather than riding the web design tide of increasing standardization, brutalism incorporates nonconformist, asymmetrical visuals as well as no clear aesthetic order or hierarchy. Apparel designer’s Biannual website is just one of many examples demonstrating the aesthetic efficacy and originality of this web design trend.

9. Bold Typography.

Another web design and development technique that can be of big benefit to business owners who want to stand out online is the use of bold typography. This modality works well when the rest of the business page is clean and minimal. The big, bold text then gives the site a very noticeable edge without creating an overwhelming, cluttered aesthetic. Big Youth is just one of many companies that have tapped into the power of this digital trend.
In a world where millions of people purchase products and services via internet every week or month, business owners who want their companies to become extraordinarily successful need to ensure that their online stores are aesthetically impeccable, functional, and innovative. To ensure that you can accomplish this ecommerce objective, it’s important to know which web design and development trends are currently rocking the internet marketing world. Nine of them are listed above. Start incorporating some or several of these web design tips into your current marketing campaign to ensure that you can attract attention online and subsequently optimize your conversion rates.