About Us

Banner Edge Media was created in 2011 to help Higher Education institutes seamlessly market their institutions to the public.

We have created an education advertising co-op of sorts. We work with a group of colleges and universities and we are looking to help even more.

We help a very wide range of prospective students. “Everything from those that are looking to get their Graduate MBA Degree Online to those that are looking to complete their last year of an on campus Undergraduate Certificate Program.”

And we help everything in between.

Through OUR filters and YOUR requirements, we match prospective applicants with the school that fits their individual needs.

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Why Choose BEM?

We do this marketing in the thousands, tens of thousands. Each month helping over 30,000 prospective students find, connect and work with a school that offers exactly what they are looking for.

So, If you are a College or University. If you are looking to expand an Online or Campus Program of yours. If you need more Online Exposure to your Entire School or an Individual Program that needs a boost, then Banner Edge can help you do that.

And it gets better

“We are Performance Based”

This means you will not pay for a click or an impression that doesn’t convert. We will build a custom request for information page branded to your school that YOU approve only then do we get started. Banner Edge will handle all the costs of the clicks and impressions and you will only have to pay for performance and by performance we mean real people who have requested real information because they want to get a real degree from your real school. We make the connection happen.

We really make it that simple for you. For us… not quite that simple, but if you are here looking for help, you probably have a good idea of what we are talking about.

It cannot hurt to find out more, please let us know how we may be of service to you.

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