You know your school. But do you know who should know you school?
Our targeted lead generation solutions put your school in front of your target audience to generate real prospective students with real intent. Our proven lead generation methods will yield significant enrollment growth and retention.

The days of lists & name-buying are over. Your school needs granularly-targeted, smart lead generation strategies that deliver the right student who is ready to enroll immediately. The Banner Edge team has years of lead generation experience backed by real data & analytics to target your ideal student, taking a significant of time & resources that previously needed to be dedicated to working “cold” leads off of your admissions team’s plate.

Don’t. Buy. Names.

Invest in new students – not our overhead.

Banner Edge Media’s lead generation methods are a little different than industry standard – we do everything ourselves, completely in-house. Our strategies are vertically integrated, meaning we aren’t outsourcing your campaign. Every advertising dollar counts, and we do the work to make sure you’re getting the most out of your spend. There are no middle-men here. Because we internally conceptualize, launch, and maintain your student recruitment campaign, your marketing dollars go farther and deliver more enrollments – period.
We own and operate a network of proprietary education-specific web properties and in-house manage each segment of traffic that lands on these pages – there are no call centers here. The key is knowing how and when to position your school to reach your target audience. Let us be the ones to stimulate and capture the interest of your student base. Let us position your brand to make your school number one in a sea of digital competition.