Putting Your School in Front of the Right Student… at the right time.

In French, Search Engine Optimization sounds beautiful and romantic; optimisation du moteur de recherche. And for many – if not most – institutions, it may as well be in French, as true SEO is widely misunderstood and completely underutilized.

The concept of SEO is simple – maximizing the number of visitors, or traffic, to a website by ensuring that the website is ranked highly among Google results, and via other various search engines. The competition among higher education institutions for this traffic segment is fierce. So how does one achieve and maintain high rankings? What content is relevant? What do you do with traffic once it’s on your website? How to you make sure Google’s algorithms won’t drop your ranking? Wait, what’s a Google algorithm?

Banner Edge Media offers expert SEO strategies that deliver quantifiable results via campaigns that are tailored to each of our partner school’s individual needs – there is nothing cookie cutter about what we do. SEO changes at an incredibly rapid pace, and you need a partner that is in sync with the latest tools and methods that deliver results.

Stagnation is not in our vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours.
Our agency is constantly evolving, as the SEO landscape is ever-changing. Our years of experience combined with our obsession with market research and trends means that when your student recruitment campaign launches, we’re already light years ahead. Our SEO strategies deliver your school’s message to the student who is ready to enroll.