Performance Marketing umbrellas numerous advertising methodologies that encompass proven, time tested tactics and the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions in the digital space. For us, Performance marketing simply means that our utilization of many different marketing channels will yield tangible results for our partners – and your institution only pays for those results. Period.

We don’t win unless you do.


Anyone Can Put up a Billboard. But You’re Not Just Anyone.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your student recruitment campaign? Why should your school pay up-front fees before you see your prospective student interest grow? Shouldn’t all marketing be performance-based and married to actual metrics?
Well, we think so.

Traditional advertising & agency models mean you’re paying a fee up front, and that fee isn’t dependent on the success or results of your advertising campaign. With up-front fee for service structures, you’re paying for the promise of results – not the actual results themselves.

On the other hand, performance marketing means you’re paying for success only. Performance marketing relies on a reverse value proposition and delivers measurable ROI and real time results. Our team is all in from day one and has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. Our success truly lies in your success – performance-based campaigns mean that our team is accountable from day one.
Simply put, we deliver results via quantifiable growth, year over year.