Google has positioned itself in the English language as both a noun and a verb.

The relevancy of Google within our daily lives has led to roughly 80% of consumers using Google to search for and influence the purchase of products and services. Eighty. Percent.

We’ll get creative and help you find what your ideal students are searching for – and who else is searching for them – to deliver a comprehensive strategy rooted in analytics. We’ll help you set attainable goals & timeframes, create compelling ad copy, and launch a successful campaign. We provide ongoing in depth analysis with a team that is monitoring your campaign 24/7. Our obsession with monitoring and analytics ensures your student recruitment campaign is responding to what your competitors and consumers are doing online – immediately. Our team is working around the clock to anticipate trend, market and Google indexing changes on your behalf so we are always one step ahead on smart, educated adjustments and optimizations to maximize your ROI through the entire lifetime of your campaign.
Google isn’t the only kid on the block. There are numerous search engines out there – Bing, Yahoo!, – where do you start? How do you put your ads in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right message? Our team takes the guesswork out of managing multiple search campaigns, all with their own variables and moving parts, by targeting & bidding on keywords that reach your target audience and maximize your conversions.