Our philosophy is simple: results are everything.

When we say we value people – we mean it. Our teammates are our partners in success, and so are our clients. Our company culture is collaborative, creative, and built entirely around providing quantifiable results for our partners.

Paul Burg

Co-Founder and President

Ryan Buell

Co-Founder and CEO

J’enay Henning

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Viderman

Chief Technical Officer

Doug Davis

Vice President, Advertising

Jason Jugert

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Anden Leski

Vice President, Marketing

Lauren Von Stroheim

Operations Manager

Brent Oenning

General Counsel

Landyn Milburn

Director, Analytics & Data Science

Darren Roberts

Managing Partner, CPA Associates

Blake Koolick

Partner, CPA Associates

Lacy Cunningham

Marketing Research Manager

Ana Sharma

Marketing Research Associate

Jason Pugh

Content Marketing

Liam Russell

Outreach Specialist

Tori Ashe

Senior Programmer

Shannon Adams

Director, Search Management

Evelyn Keener

Managing Editor

Colin Chester

Senior Programmer

Carli Martinez

Programmer II

Matt Bailey

Programmer II