The Banner Edge Media team collectively draws on 75 years of combined experience in higher education marketing to create enrollment marketing strategies that deliver tangible student body growth and retention for our partner schools.
Our team utilizes a blend of deep analytical knowledge and creative, cutting-edge marketing technologies. Our unique approach yields student body growth for our College & University partners that is second to none.

Our Award-Winning Student Recruitment Strategies

Brand Awareness

our team consists of experts who can raise brand awareness and student body growth by putting your school in front of the right audience with the right message. we are skilled at increasing visibility & reach in a competitive, evolving digital landscape.

Content Marketing

we offer expert, in-depth SEO strategies that deliver quantifiable results via campaigns that are tailored to each of our partner’s individual needs & goals with the latest tools & methods that will make your campaign a success.

Targeted Lead Generation

we deliver high-intent, qualified prospective students to your admissions team. there is no middle man or mark-ups here; we own & operate multiple education-specific web properties and in-house manage each lead generation campaign. our vertically-integrated strategy means full transparency, intent, and tangible growth.

Online Program Marketing

60% of students take at least one course online. our team specializes in developing national brand awareness, creating marketing strategies to enhance enrollment growth, & keeping your brand relevant and innovative in a challenging, competitive landscape.


the number one focus of our enrollment marketing campaigns is students who not only apply & enroll, but graduate. student body growth is important, but student success is paramount.

Agency Services

let us centralize & streamline your marketing efforts by taking all of your student acquisition strategies in-house under one roof. our holistic approach means that we understand that success is only truly achieved when all moving parts are working together toward the same goal.

Social Media

building & sustaining a social media presence is a full-time job. our team knows what it takes to build & maintain your brand’s position and value across all social media channels.

Proprietary Analytics

our proprietary data & analytics solutions utilize omni-channel attributes to determine what’s working and why. our holistic approach combined with an obsession with trends & numbers will give you a clear picture of your campaign as an overall entity.


let our team of experts drive granularly-targeted, qualified prospective student traffic to your institution’s website on a no-fuss Pay-Per-Click basis. only the highest-intent users visit your website

Market Research & Analysis

tap into our team’s 75+ years of combined experience. we can help with industry analysis, target market analysis, and competitor analysis in order to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Email Marketing

with 3 times more registered email accounts than Facebook & Twitter combined, email marketing – when done right – is one of the most powerful & effective ways to communicate with students.

Creative & Design

you only get one shot to make a first impression. our talented design team can work strategically with your institution to develop fresh content & creative ideas that will capture the attention of your target student audience.