Banner Edge Media produces measurable results for our clients by leveraging the power of the largest and most reputable ad networks in performance-based Search, Display, Email, and Social Advertising. Our custom, proprietary technology platform allows us to provide our Advertisers with an array of marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of each and every client. After all, every customer has a specific set of requirements to help grow their organization.

At Banner Edge Media, we take time to understand your business, and we work with you to recognize your ideal customer mix and strategize a plan to reach your audience through a blend of channels.

Top brands trust our team at Banner Edge Media to engage new customers, maximize actions/conversions, and above all, increase sales.

Let our team of Digital Media experts identify and attract your audience. Banner Edge Media is passionate about performance, we celebrate our customers’ successes!

See what a driven performance marketing partner like Banner Edge can do for you.

Media Types

Banner Edge Search

Take the guesswork out of managing multiple Search campaigns and trust our in-house team to target and bid on the keywords and audiences that maximize your conversions and sales. Banner Edge Media provides you with the analytics and resources necessary to adjust and optimize your campaign on the fly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Banner Edge Social Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…are you reaching your customers where they spend the most time online? Let Banner Edge Media deliver your message to your target customer and engage virtually, driving fans and followers to your app or content, turning brand loyalists into brand ambassadors.

Banner Edge Email

Want to get your brand in front of consumers who have already expressed interest in your product? Banner Edge Media is able to target consumers based on geography, keywords, demographics, and many other measurable characteristics.

Our in-house marketing solutions take the guesswork out of your email campaigns. Promoting your brand via email is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect with consumers who are ready to engage. Our email strategies have been refined and perfected over several years, and we produce measurable results. With 97% of consumers using email to make purchase decisions, there is no better time than now to tap into Banner Edge Media’s expertise to connect to your customers.

Banner Edge Display

We know that trust is the key to a good relationship; and Banner Edge Media has spent years cultivating and nurturing trusted relationships with top networks in the industry. This allows us to deliver high-converting display campaigns utilizing an array of targeting methods, including:

  • Geo-Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Vertical Channel Targeting

Display campaigns are managed by our in-house team with the same passion we manage our PPC campaigns. Although display advertising can be underutilized by other agencies, Banner Edge Media recognizes the huge benefits associated with these campaign types. Display advertising inherently enhances brand recognition & is a direct response medium, putting your product in front of the right consumers at the right time.