Banner Edge Media reaches your target audience, on any device, and delivers industry-leading performance marketing results. Achieve higher conversion rates, better quality prospecting data, and see immediate improvements in ROI working with our talented and motivated account managers.

Our process is simple, but effective. Banner Edge Media works with you to understand your business and strategize a holistic campaign approach. Once we have identified your ideal customer or call to action, your account manager will build, launch, and continuously optimize the performance of your campaigns, minimizing your spend and maximizing your results.

Banner Edge Media is committed to leveraging the advantages of the performance marketing model to our customer’s benefit. We deliver a wide range of performance based marketing objectives including:

  • Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost-per-Lead (CPL)
  • Cost-per-Download (CPD)
  • Other payment models
We provide a broad range of performance advertising formats, integrated product feeds and voucher codes across both online and mobile, and support these with industry-leading tracking and targeting solutions.

What sets Banner Edge Media apart from our competitors?

Robust Affiliate Review Process

Assuring lead quality begins at the source, so Banner Edge Media fully vets each Affiliate through an extensive proprietary Quality Assurance Review process before and throughout their affiliation. This process ensures that our traffic quality remains high, and virtually eliminates fraud.

Aggressive Compliance

Banner Edge Media strictly enforces a zero-tolerance policy related to fraudulent publishers and deceptive sources of traffic. Our development team utilizes a secure hybrid of both 3rd party and in-house proprietary tracking technology to identify and eliminate high risk publishers and traffic, assuring that our clients receive only the highest quality traffic.

Global Reach

The Banner Edge Media Network encompasses qualified sources of all forms of traffic generation, from Search Engine Marketers to contextual traffic firms, email list owners to social media experts.

Running an effective Performance Marketing campaign requires choosing a partner who is passionate and takes pride in their results. Banner Edge Media provides decades of industry expertise with a full service account management team, analyzes and optimizes campaigns to achieve higher ROI’s, and delivers industry-leading conversion rates.

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